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General Contractor Side

On the General Contractor side, we have a team of coordinators with decades of experience coordinating all building types. As a company, BIM Cubed has coordinated over $4 BILLION dollars worth of projects. BIM Cubed coordinates buildings for General Contractors from coast-to-coast and all building types. In the last year we have coordinated multiple schools, tech off buildings, high-rise multi-family, biotech facilities, hotels, museums and apartment buildings. Our coordinator's expertise in construction and team-building differentiate our services. We get regular endorsements and referrals by the design teams we work with, it takes buy in from all parties - Owner, GC, Trades and Designers - to build a successful project.


Trade Construction Side

On the Trade Contractor side, we have assisted our trade partners to expand their operations as their BIM Departments. Our years-long relationships with our trade contractors offer stability and predictability and an understanding that we deliver for their teams. Our trade contractors know we go the extra mile to assist the project, teaming to develop sensible and construct-able solutions for challenging projects. We perform all scopes including Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Civil/Site, Concrete and more.


Design Side

With designers, BIM Cubed works with a handful of design teams assisting in both training and developing high-level BIM IQs. We assist in REVIT implementation and training and Preconstruction Services including Clash Prevention Reviews - the clashing of design models to find issues before we get to trade coordination.

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