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We are problem solvers and full-service BIM providers.We are "BIMers" who emphasize being Builders and knowing how to build. Our construction IQ is built on decades of experience in both building and BIM. Building is our passion and BIM are our tools. Let us help you realize your project goals before you break ground, saving you money where mistakes get expensive: in the field.
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Established in 2014, BIM Cubed developed from the combination of experience in the architectural industry (design side), 5 years spent as the lead for a large General Contractor and a decade of experience as consultants to trade contractors. BIM Cubed started from a single client General Contractor and quickly grew into trade contractor work. We are a relationship-based team-building outfit that works on complex projects. Our business is 99% repeat-referral. We develop relationships and teams for the betterment of your project. Whether you're on the Trade Contractor side, General Contractor side or Design side, BIM Cubed can help you realize your project effectively and efficiently. 




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The ROI of BIM Cubed getting involved on your project in preconstruction is huge. We recommend Clash Prevention Reviews, the clashing of design models, during the Construction Documents phase of the design. We work to find the "gotcha" clashes and issues that would stop construction and cost $$$$. Typical finds are garages with inadequate clearances, ducts or steel blocking doors (a life safety issue), MEP designs NOT really coordinated with the architecture and structure. Preventing these issues from getting into the final IFC set saves your project time and money. Our Preconstruction Services include:


  • Presentation Graphics

  • BIM Execution Plans

  • Design Visualization

  • Detailed BIM Takeoff & Analysis

  • Clash Prevention Reviews

  • Scope Creep Analysis

  • 4D Sequencing

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Teaming is the name of the game in Construction Services. Adding our wealth of knowledge and proactive communication enhances the project team and produces positive project progress. We have coordinated projects across the US, from Cali to Florida, through Texas and up to Philly. We have coordinated every project type: MOB, biotech office, multi-family of all sorts including senior living, hospitals, museums, towers, tilt, steel, load-bearing studs, embassies and more. And while we have seen nearly everything there is to see we still learn another bit on every project. Our construction services include:

  • Clash Detection

  • Trade and Building System Modeling

  • Fabrication Model Reviews

  • Field Implementation

  • Virtual Mock-ups/Custom Modeling

  • 4D Sequencing

  • Custom Facilities Deliverables

  • Facilities Model Management



We can assist you verify either existing conditions or as-builts via point clouds, ie Scan Analysis. Are you working on a project where something is outside someones' scope or they don't have the skill in-house to model it? We've got your back. We can virtually mock up anything. Typical mock-ups include: civil POCs, soil nails, cranes, hoists, post-tensioning zones and more. When it comes to mock-ups we have virtually done it all. Owners are smart people, they wouldn't be building a building if they weren't, but they may not be able to read plans the way you and I can. Using BIM to get your Site Logistics Plans into 3D can be a game changer for your presentation to a potential client. Because in 3D we can show it and they can see and get it. We provide:

  • Points Layout for Survey

  • Point Cloud Scan Analysis

  • Virtual Mockups

  • Site Logistics Plans

  • Interviews

  • Presentations RFP+RFQ





We are communicators, builders and BIM nerds. We are expert modelers and solution generators.  We are BIM Cubed and we are ready for your next project.

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Evan Anderson-Decina

Director of BIM Services

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BIM can be used for anything. Our team isn't specialized in one type of building component. We are construction nerds who understand construction and use BIM to convey that. If you have a need for BIM in any capacity, in any complex situation, or in any custom situation...give us a call and let us tell you what BIM processes could work for you and how BIM Cubed can help you solve the problem.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 317-989-8643 or fill out the following form

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